The Icahn 10

1:00 PM -- Mark Cuban on the board of Yahoo -- how fun would that be? Just check out his blog, and think of replacing boring Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents with streams of Cubanisms. Maybe he could open the shareholder meetings with a new type of corporate song and dance.

Cuban is one of the 10 directors that Carl Icahn is suggesting in replacement of Yahoo's entire board. (See Icahn Sends Letter to Yahoo.) Icahn's proposal came in today, right on the deadline. Yahoo's shareholder meeting, normally held in June, seems on track to come later in the summer.

Cuban's blog doesn't mention anything about the Yahoo board today, but he does have a fun insight on what it would take to destabilize Google: Pay some of the most searched-for sites to remove themselves from Google's index. It would be expensive, but pretty darn funny.

Who else is on Icahn's proposed board, among names I have any hope of recognizing? As you might expect, it's a very Icahn-friendly slate.

Lucian Bebchuk is a Harvard law professor and, in the last couple of years, high-profile corporate gadfly. He's railed against CEO pay and poison pill clauses, and he's been big on the idea of letting shareholders overthrow board directors more easily. But he hasn't yet been on the board of a corporation, near as I can tell.

Icahn himself is among his nominees, naturally, as is Keith Meister, vice chairman of Icahn Enterprises GP, the general partner in Icahn Enterprises LP, which owns Icahn Capital LP, which, in case you didn't know, is the company Carl Icahn actually works for as CEO.

Adam Dell is a venture capitalist and brother to the Michael Dell. Adam Dell serves alongside Icahn and Meister on the board of XO Holdings Inc., parent company to XO Communications Inc. .

A few other names of note to tech circles: John Chapple is the former CEO of the Nextel half of Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S). Frank Biondi Jr. is former CEO of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA). Robert Shaye is CEO of New Line Cinema, bringing geek cred in the form of the LOTR/Hobbit franchise.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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