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IBM's Lambertson sees blue skies in telco, cloud collab

LOS ANGELES – MWC LA – Bill Lambertson, VP of cloud, 5G and edge for IBM, joins Light Reading's Phil Harvey and Kelsey Ziser to discuss updates on a partnership with Boston Dynamics on use cases for its robotic dog, "Spot," and why IBM is collaborating with Palo Alto Networks on 5G security.

In addition, Lambertson explains how service providers' approach to public cloud usage is changing, and how intent-based networking can improve network automation for operators.

"Most orchestrators today are policy-based or script-based, so you have to define what you want it to do," says Lambertson. "With an intent-based orchestrator, we use AI to define the route that it goes to get there, to build a deployment model, an upgrade or a deletion of that particular service. So we define the end state we want it to perform and then the orchestrator does the job."

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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