MetTel launches SD-M to extend private cloud security, compliance and adaptability to corporate mobility

NEW YORK – MetTel, an IT communications leader specializing in digital transformation, has launched a new cloud service, SD-M, that extends key benefits of SD-WAN – security, compliance and adaptability to enterprise mobility.

SD-M provides actionable insight and control of factors impacting performance, costs and security of mobility usage by your workforce. It benefits the enterprise similarly to cloud-based SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network). SD-M can operate across the multiple mobile network providers used by any business and can be added as a feature to any device provisioned by MetTel.

"Enterprises spend approximately $124 billion per year securing their IT," said Max Silber, VP of Mobility & IoT at MetTel. "But the minute an employee leaves their PC to work off their smartphone, they leave all that protection behind and risk corporate data to hackers and malware. Placing that employee's device into a protective SD-M private cloud extends the benefits of the corporate network to the mobile workforce."

Read the full release here.


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