Logix Fiber links up with Versa on SD-WAN

Logix Fiber Networks is teaming up with Versa Networks to deliver Versa's Titan SASE and SD-WAN service to SMB, enterprise and wholesale customers in Texas.

Logix has about 10,000 business customers and says it is the largest independent fiber network provider in Texas, and also delivers long-haul fiber network connectivity to Oklahoma and Mexico. Scott Brueggeman, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Logix, says the company plans to provide Versa's SD-WAN services as a managed service to customers.

This is the first SD-WAN service Logix is deploying; Brueggeman says customer demand for SD-WAN was the main driver behind the decision to provide the technology. In addition, Brueggeman says Logix selected Versa's SD-WAN to provide customers with "a central view of their entire network," detailed analytics of WAN traffic, prioritization of applications, firewall and remote access capabilities.

"This is our way to continue to adapt with what we feel like our customers are requesting and also be there ahead of them so we're ready with the products that they need," says Brueggeman.

In addition, SD-WAN and SASE services will address customers' migration to the cloud, he says: "With more companies using SaaS applications and more employee traffic going to the cloud, SASE takes a different approach to routing all traffic through enterprise data centers and does more from the cloud."

Ross Ferguson, VP of product strategy, development and pricing for Logix, says the new SD-WAN service will be delivered via the options of a premise-based platform, soft client and through Versa's cloud services gateway.

"Security is critical and was a big key in driving our choice in partnering with Versa," says Ferguson. "They have a very strong, robust security profile with their next-gen firewall and advanced security capabilities that are integrated into the solution. That's critical for our customers – security is a need, not a want."

Ferguson adds that the remote access capabilities will also be beneficial to companies that need to support teleworkers long-term.

Versa CMO Mike Wood says its Titan platform can be used by both SMBs and large enterprises and is best suited for any organization with a smaller in-house IT team. "What defines the best use cases are, as a business, 'what does my IT team look like?' … It's more about the IT profile that the company has versus the size of the business," explains Wood.

Versa recently added ZTNA to the Titan service, and expanded the features available in its secure web gateway and firewall-as-a-service. It's been a busy summer overall for the SASE company -- Versa also pulled in $84 million in a series D round of funding this June.

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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