Lynk CEO Charles Miller: The sky's the limit

Charles Miller, co-founder and CEO of Lynk, discusses his company's technology and its ambition to help existing mobile network operators connect rural, remote and underserved communities worldwide. Lynk's tech allows a phone to shift from a terrestrial tower connection to a satellite and back to a terrestrial tower when one is again available. Miller said that makes his company an ideal partner for network operators, not a direct competitor.

Here's a breakdown of the interview:

  • Lynk is working; Miller said that the company has been able to connect thousands of devices around the world during its technology tests (0:45)
  • How does Lynk's service work? Miller explains (1:23)
  • This is huge for mobile network operators struggling to provide better coverage (2:33)
  • A direct satellite connection could help MNOs shut down underutilized towers (3:44)
  • Lynk plans to have full satellite redundancy in space (5:53)
  • Why Miller sees Lynk as demand creation for Starlink and other LEO schemes (8:25)

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