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Hitron Americas is thrilled to announce another first-to-market cable gateway. The CGNVM-3589 is the first 32x8 eMTA gateway with 4x4 802.11ac WiFi, a high-powered WiFi gateway that provides best in class WiFi throughput and coverage. When the CGNVM-3589 is paired with Hitron’s HT-EMN2, a MoCA 2.0 to WiFi adapter, cable operators can guarantee their customers the best WiFi experience available in market.

TitleSpe13522 12/25/2015 | 2:32:00 PM
Re: Who names these devices? needs a lower case character to be a pw... but, yEs-youmadeyourpoint1 
mhhf1ve 11/5/2015 | 7:46:29 PM
Who names these devices? The "CGNVM-3589" isn't exactly a memorable name -- it's like a decently strong password that even includes a special character.

I suppose no one is buying this as an impulse shopper, anyway, but it could still have a slightly less R2D2-esque name. 
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