Puppy Power!

2:40 PM -- As if the economy needed any more devastating blows, office workers across the nation for weeks have been letting their inboxes overflow and telling important clients they'll call them back later.

So what's the source of all this havoc? You got it -- puppies.

A live stream of a box full of Shiba Inu puppies has become, some theorize, the most popular live stream EVER, as bored office workers find themselves unable to look away. As of this writing, more than 15,000 people were tuning in. Look! One of them is playing now!

— Red Panda, Light Reading

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 3:27:20 PM
re: Puppy Power! I suspect a lot of people are doing what I just did unconsciously: Open the video, but then move on to other Web tabs and get stuff done. So it's not like 15,000 people constantly have their eyes glued to--

OMG, someone opened up their box and now the puppies are jumping all over each other! Cute!
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