Transmode Boasts Colorless ROADM

STOCKHOLM -- Transmode, a global supplier of packet optical networking solutions, today announced the enhancement of its Flexible Optical Networking portfolio with the addition of a colorless mux/demux module that enables colorless ROADM configurations.

To meet the growing demands for increased network flexibility and remote configuration capabilities, Transmode has introduced the new colorless 16-channel mux/demux module for its popular TM-Series. The new module allows designers to create networks with colorless ROADM capabilities allowing increased flexibility in traffic routing and restoration. In conjunction with tunable optics in traffic units, the new module also allows remote provisioning and reconfiguration of wavelengths without the need for any onsite visits after a traffic unit has been connected to the new colorless module. Colorless ROADM nodes overcome some of the issues with standard ROADM nodes where switching traffic from Route A to Route B could be blocked if the switched wavelength is already in use on Route B. Now the node can also change the traffic to a new wavelength that is available on Route B.

Transmode Systems AB

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