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ID Quantique Develops Quantum Crypto

GENEVA -- id Quantique SA and the Board of Senetas Corporation Limited (Australian Stock Exchange:SEN) jointly announced today that they have completed the development of a unique hybrid quantum cryptography solution.

Senetas is the world’s leading developer and supplier of high speed network encryption hardware and id Quantique is a recognized world leader in the commercialization of Quantum Cryptography. Senetas’ high performance encryption range implements state of the art cryptographic techniques to cipher data and protect it during transmission. Cryptographic systems typically involve an encryption algorithm and a secret value known as a key. The key is analogous to the combination lock on a safe - even though the concept of a combination lock is well known, you can’t open the safe without knowing the combination. Similarly the security of a cryptographic system is based on the secrecy of the key.

Senetas CEO John DuBois said: “We are excited to be at the leading edge of government and corporate data security with this development, which is proceeding at light speed. Speed to market is critical in this business and both organizations have made great progress in a relatively short period, completing our software re-design and integration with our partner’s software before final testing of each hardware device,” Mr. DuBois said.

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