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Alcatel-Lucent: Back From the Brink

Alcatel-Lucent has bounced back from near bankruptcy 20 months ago to a much sunnier outlook, enjoying life again and spreading some love...

mhhf1ve 11/14/2014 | 5:16:03 PM
how times have changed... Bell Labs was once the premier R&D institution... and it looks like all that fundamental research just can't be done by profit-driven companies anymore.
Sterling Perrin 11/14/2014 | 2:54:09 PM
Re: Back from the brink CMO Tim Krause's introductions of the executive speakers were more like celebrity roasts and his introduction of Basil Alwan was the most entertaining of them all. If ALU does falter, Tim may have a good future at Comedy Central.

Dan "Patio" Dalton 11/14/2014 | 2:25:57 PM
Back from the brink Ray, great bit of reporting. ALU has been bashed mightily for years, glad to learn about the change underway - both from a technological as well as a staffing perspective.  It is quite refreshing.  Your last point about the "love affair" between ALU department heads was a hoot. Cheers, Dan
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