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Meg Whitman Stepping Down as HPE CEO

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced today that chief executive Meg Whitman will step down as of Feb. 1, to be replaced by Antonio Neri, currently HPE's president.

Whitman's departure comes a few months after she told investors she was "not going anywhere" -- a statement referring specifically to the CEO search that Uber was undergoing at the time. (See HPE's Whitman Says She's 'Not Going Anywhere'.)

Whitman's HPE legacy includes a massive restructuring effort that saw the company sell off its Enterprise Services and Software businesses in spin-merger deals. (See HPE Spins Services, Cuts Outlook and HPE Spins Software Business to Micro Focus for $8.8B .) The news of Whitman's departure, combined with HPE's fourth-quarter earnings release, sent HPE's stock down 7% to $13.10 after-hours.

Mitch Wagner is covering the story for Enterprise Cloud News and will have more details shortly. UPDATE: You can find the story here.

— Craig Matsumoto, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

danielcawrey 11/24/2017 | 4:26:54 PM
Re: Meg Whitman I remember reading the Whitman Uber story and simply thought she was happy at HPE. 

Turns out, what do I know? Maybe she just wants to retire from corporate life. 
Phil_Britt 11/22/2017 | 12:55:40 PM
Re: Meg Whitman Timing seems a little strange. She didn't leave for anything else (unless she's going to a post that would require her to be separated from HPE first), isn't retiring and stock is doing well.
Craig Matsumoto 11/21/2017 | 6:28:11 PM
Meg Whitman Not a huge surprise; there'd been rumors earlier that with the big spin-mergers set up, Whitman's job was basically done. And it seems like they've been grooming Neri for the job. 

Neri had some exposure to the networking part of the company -- he was its GM back in 2014. So it's nice that the CEO will have some NFV and cloud knowledge. Don't know if it will be meaningful, but it's nice.
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