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Fujitsu Microelectronics America delivers trio of network traffic management and packet processing ASICs to Greenfield Networks

May 10, 2004

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) has delivered three high-performance ASICs to Greenfield Networks, Inc., the emerging leader in world-class Ethernet switch silicon technology. Greenfield Networks Packetry(TM) family of Ethernet switching products provides advanced packet processing and traffic management silicon solutions for a broad range of networking applications in enterprise and metro markets.

Fujitsu's ASICs, which are designed for network traffic management and packet processing, incorporate the industry's first SPI-4P2 Network Processor Streaming Interface running at 1.3 Gigabits/second. ASICs range in size from a few million to over ten million gates, including memory operating at core frequency of 250MHz.

The first ASIC in the Fujitsu series provides 32Gbps of interface bandwidth as well as over 75Gbps of memory bandwidth. This memory bandwidth has enabled Greenfield Networks to support up to 256MB of external buffer memory. The large buffer memory is critical for high-performance networking applications. The second device supports both the RGMII interfaces to Gigabit PHYs and a SPI4.2 interface operating up to 622 MHz DDR. This flexibility enables high-density Gigabit Ethernet connectivity as well as interfaces to 10 Gigabit Ethernet or OC-48/192. The third ASIC is a highly integrated solution that provides 10Gbps of interface bandwidth. All of the ASICs were manufactured using Fujitsu's advanced 0.11-micron process technology.

These ASICs incorporate a complete set of I/Os, including 66MHz PCI, 250MHz HSTL with Double Date Rate (DDR) memory interface, and Low Voltage-TTL along with the 1.3Gbps SPI-4P2 Network Processing Streaming Interface (NPSI), which represents the first implementation of this new standard. The NPSI supports transfer of network traffic between a pair of network processor devices. It is used primarily for passing packets between an NP and an adjacent physical layer, co-processor, or switch fabric.

Fujitsu Microelectronics delivered these complex devices very efficiently, moving from final netlist to tape-out in just 20 weeks, according to Keith Horn, FMA's vice president of marketing. The ASICs are implemented in three initial members of the Packetry family, the G525 Packet Engine, the G750 Shared Memory Fabric, and the G120 Intelligent Multiplexer.

"These new ASICs are designed for packet-processing and traffic-management applications in new generations of network systems," said Horn. "These applications have become key elements in next-generation IP-based networks. We are very pleased to be working closely with Greenfield Networks, which is emerging as an exciting and innovative leader in Ethernet switch technology."

"Fujitsu Microelectronics delivered excellent ASIC products to us in a timely manner. Our efficient collaboration was integral to our Packetry product introduction," said Gary Smerdon, president and CEO of Greenfield Networks. "Fujitsu helped us meet the demand for full IPv6 support, including routing, QoS, access control lists, and IPv4 to IPv6 transition mechanisms, all essential capabilities for high-performance Ethernet systems."

Greenfield Networks' Packetry is the first merchant silicon to provide full IPv6 support for unicast/multicast routing. The Packetry family enables new metro edge deployments, supporting extensive service-provider features including MPLS switching, stacked VLANs, Layer 2 VPN (martini encapsulation and VPLS), Layer 3 VPN (RFC 2547bis) and IP tunneling.

Packetry's advanced functions for wirespeed multi-field classification, traffic policing/shaping, guaranteed bandwidth, and WRED enable voice over IP, streaming media, and other converged applications that require flow-based priority and bandwidth distribution across the network.

In a separate release:

LAS VEGAS -- Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA), Fujitsu Components America, Inc. (FCAI) and Eudyna Devices USA Inc. (EUDU), the new Fujitsu-Sumitomo joint venture (formerly Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, Inc.) will bring the latest 10Gbps networking products and technology to Networld+Interop in Las Vegas May 11-13.

Fujitsu Microelectronics and Fujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. (FLA) will feature the industry's first single-chip 10Gbps Ethernet switch, integrated with on-chip 10GBASE-CX4 (IEEE 802.3ak) transceivers capable of driving over 25-meter copper cable.

FLA will also exhibit leading-edge 10Gbps Ethernet systems and solutions, including a live demonstration of Fujitsu's 10Gbps Ethernet switch system built using the company's 10Gbps Ethernet switch chip (the MB87Q3070), XENPAK transceiver, and fiber cable running with an IXIA tester.

FCAI Introduces New Transceiver Modules
Fujitsu Components of America, the inventor of the CX4 copper I/O connector technology for 10Gbps Ethernet, is releasing a 4-channel optical transceiver module that uses an internal media converter to extend the signal transmission reach of a copper interface up to 300 meters at 2.5Gbps or 100 meters at 3.125Gbps over multimode fiber (MMF) ribbon cable. Using the Fujitsu optical module, IT managers have the flexibility to implement either a copper or an optical solution using one low-cost copper I/O interface. Applications include connections between systems in telecomm central offices and data centers as well as in-system interconnects in routers, switches and transmission equipment.

FCAI will also release a copper CX4 electrical module compliant with the X2 Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) specification Rev. 1.0b. The X2 x-mGC module transmits 10Gbps Ethernet over 20 meter of standard InfiniBand copper cable (AWG24) or VSR parallel optics (combined with the use of Fujitsu's 4 lane optical transceiver module) through a single port, offering a cost-effective, standards-compliant product targeted for multiple applications in 10Gbps enterprise, storage and telecom markets.

Eudyna's 10Gbps Small Form Factor Transceivers, DWDM 2.5G Transceivers
Eudyna Devices USA, a leading supplier of optical components, and Fujitsu Limited, a leading provider of customer-focused IT and communications solutions for the global marketplace, have started sampling 40km, 1550nm, 10Gbps small-form-factor pluggable transceivers (XFP) to 10Gbps SONET and Ethernet network equipment manufacturers.

Eudyna Devices and Fujitsu jointly developed the transceivers using Fujitsu's high-level module development technology, Eudyna's high-performance Modulator Integrated Laser in a small TOSA package enabling transmission rates over 40km, and Eudyna's high-performance PIN receiver in a compact ROSA package.

Eudyna Devices also has started sampling its DWDM 2.5Gigabit small-form-factor pluggable transceivers (SFP) to optical network equipment manufacturers. Eudyna Devices and Fujitsu jointly developed the transceivers. They utilize Fujitsu's high-level module development technology, Eudyna's high-performance, low-power, cooled laser in a small TOSA package enabling SFP modules to support DWDM functions, and Eudyna's high-performance Avalanche Photodiode receiver in a compact ROSA package.

The DWDM SFP transceiver is capable of more than 200km transmission that covers the full C-band ITU-T grid at 100GHz spacing, operating between 0 degrees C and 70 degrees C with typical 1W power consumption. The transceiver incorporates diagnostic monitoring functions defined by the SFF-8472 standard.

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