WAN optimization provider leverages the Internet to offer on-demand enterprise services platform.

December 4, 2014

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MILPITAS, Calif. -- Aryaka, the leading ‘As-A-Service’ provider of WAN Optimization, Network, Application Delivery and Cloud Networks, has announced the launch of Aryaka ONE – One Network for the Enterprise. Aryaka ONE is the world’s first and only global, private, optimized, secure and on demand network addressing the unique application performance needs of today’s enterprise. Enterprise locations and remote users securely connect to this network within their region using one or more Internet links for first and last mile connectivity. Aryaka ONE enhancements allow these enterprises to leverage the Internet to on-ramp the Aryaka private and optimized middle-mile.

The globalization of the enterprise and its increased reliance on cloud applications and mobility requires reliable, consistent and secure connections across every branch office location. Traditional architectures are proving inefficient for the enterprise as the importance of site-to-site traffic is giving way to new models around any-to-any data center, branch, cloud and remote, distributed collaboration. Aryaka excels in routing, security and optimization techniques within its core network. Aryaka ONE intelligence now extends these capabilities to the first and last mile of enterprise networks making them more resilient.

“MPLS is the legacy tool enterprises have used to overcome the distance problem. MPLS providers serve a $25 billion and growing market with a technology that is old, expensive, slow to deploy and unaffordable in certain regions, for the mid-market or for smaller offices within large enterprises,” said Sonal Puri, CMO at Aryaka. “The Internet, on the other hand, is faster to deploy, cheaper and plentiful. It is, however, a shared medium of communication and inherently not ‘business-ready’. Aryaka ONE adds a layer of technology and intelligence to the Internet as a last mile and makes it the perfect complement to the global Aryaka network for the enterprise.”

The Aryaka ONE network includes the following advanced functionality: Aryaka Network Access Point (ANAP) The optional Aryaka edge device is a cloud-managed and Aryaka provisioned device that provides significant advantages like bandwidth scaling and improved last mile optimization when deployed within a customer branch. A high-performance SSD-based appliance, it can auto-scale and provides a one-size-fits-all footprint in branch offices that may have high latency or limited bandwidth. This device may be used for QoS markings, routing as well as for IPSec initiation in addition to optimization on-premise features. Features include ANAP-HA, ANAP-Optional Cache, ProNAP and Lifeline.

Connectivity from the customer’s edge to Aryaka is deployed through a combination of one or more ISP links. The customer also has the option to bring a point-to-point (L2) link into the Aryaka POP. All data traversing the Aryaka private network is secured using industry standard IPSec encryption. At the customer’s edge, the traffic is encrypted by the edge device (which may be the firewall, router or the Aryaka ANAP) and transported to the nearest Aryaka POP. Between the Aryaka POPs across the core network, each customer’s traffic is segregated and secured within its own IPSec tunnel.

When customers use multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as the last mile to connect to Aryaka’s nearest POP, the links from multiple providers can be combined together, as one link in an active-active mode, to increase reliability and improve performance. This is especially useful for real-time traffic like voice and video and in conjunction with the ability to mark or honor QoS markings across the Aryaka network.

For smaller offices, Aryaka can be used by the enterprise as the Internet exit point from the nearest POP. This is a helpful feature for two key reasons. The first reason is to ensure that link capacity at every office is prioritized for site-to-site traffic and/or for site to enterprise cloud with the least priority for site to Internet. The second reason would be to act as the virtual firewall for that office and make the edge CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) free. An added advantage is deeper visibility into Internet-bound traffic.

Virtual Cloud Access- Aryaka’s network is multi-provider and private, with a built-in optimization stack to eliminate the effects of latency with TCP Optimization. Aryaka increases throughput with compression and the use of SSL Proxy features between the customer locations and any cloud service provider. This applies to all enterprise cloud service providers– such as Office365, Azure, SalesForce, ServiceNow, BigMachines, SAP, Oracle and others.


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