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SlideshowACA Doesn't Buy FCC's Rate Reg Reassurances

jbtombes 3/9/2015 | 6:49:01 PM
Re: ... You (KBode) are probably right on the light-touch in the short term. As far as appreciating de-reg...given what little I know about operators (mostly on the cable side) the idea of them waking up in the morning with a prayer on their lips to governement for de-reg or no-reg just seems out of character. Maybe different culture on more highly regulated telco side? And yes (J Stang..) it would be nice to see this ruling. 
Joe Stanganelli 3/8/2015 | 11:25:03 PM
Re: Open Internet Ruling I'm still really disgusted that it hasn't been released yet.  Before, the official hold up was that it wouldn't be released until it had been voted on.  The votes are in, the Commissioners' opinions are in.  And it's still hidden from the public.

Some "open" Internet.
Captain_Packets 3/8/2015 | 8:14:08 PM
Open Internet Ruling In the end, we are chasing our tails a bit until the ruling is released in full detail to the public.

Mari, any additional clarity on when that might?
KBode 3/6/2015 | 7:50:46 AM
... I honestly feel like the FCC will be so busy trying to show everybody this won't be "heavy handed regulation" that what actual regulation we do see will be minimal. From what I see zero rated apps and interconnection will get cursory glances, but again I highly doubt this FCC's going to suddenly start stomping all over small companies with onerous regulations. Doesn't seem like Wheeler's style. You'd think companies would be more appreciative of the fact they've enjoyed fifteen straight years of deregulation....
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