More Pointless War

10:15 AM -- Kosovo, Chechnya, Belgium... Every inbred, jerkwater tribe wants its own country these days. Today's New York Times brings news of war from the Caucasus (Appalachia East):

    Georgian officials said their military had fired on Russian planes and that their aircraft had bombed a convoy of Russian tanks that moved into South Ossetia, the pro-Russian enclave that has enjoyed de facto autonomy from Georgia since 2004. A local Russian official said the convoy was humanitarian.
Great. Humanitarian tanks.

Russia, if you'll recall, has not been so enthusiastic about Chechnian independence. No humanitarian tanks for them! We'll see what happens when North Ossetia decides it wants its independence.

In the current conflict, my money's on Russia, though it should be noted that Georgia ranks No. 1 in pre-season football polls.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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