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NTT Opens a WebRTC Chat Room

Japan's NTT Communications is among the first operators to test out WebRTC in the form of a chat room that uses the peer-to-peer protocol to connect anyone with an Internet connection and supported browser.

The ICT division of NTT Group (NYSE: NTT) announced a free trial of the app, WebRTC Chat on Skyway, on Monday. WebRTC, or real-time communications, is a free, open-source project that turns supported web browsers into telephony engines so that devices can connect via IM, video, or voice chat.

NTT Communications Corp. (NYSE: NTT)'s version of the browser tech is an HTML5-based web page in which anyone can join, select an adorable avatar, and video chat with other participants. It might be a rather frivolous implementation, but NTT claims the technology is highly private in that it bypasses web servers and reduces operational costs for apps and service developers by minimizing server resources. The operator is also testing a feature of the tech that will compile and manage any communications logs from the sites in hopes of alleviating concern that P2P communications can be used for illegal data transfers.

Why this matters
There's a lot of hype behind WebRTC, which has the support of Google and Mozilla, but it's another technology that operators are approaching tepidly. The power to turn any website into a telephony engine means new, richer ways to reach customers and a valuable role to play for partners that want to enable the call receiving functionality that only they can provide. NTT is among the first operators to trial the technology and could set the pace for others -- telco or webco -- to test the waters as well. (See WebRTC & the Rise of the WebCo.)

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— Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading

Mitch Wagner 4/28/2014 | 12:17:16 PM
Re: Supported browsers Small teams looking for a secure, inexpensive video chat would find this attractive, I imagine. It would be a competitor to Google Hangouts and pay video chat services. 
prabhanshu 4/28/2014 | 4:27:10 AM
Re: Supported browsers Hi Sarah,

Well i you are looking to hands on webrtc application- Try Tringgr (Tringgr.com) experience the next gen communication. Connect your faceboook friends through tringgr, and have chat with them :)
prabhanshu 4/28/2014 | 4:23:07 AM
Re: Supported browsers Hi , 

Yes there are other possible applications on webrtc like online tutoring, telemedicine, sales team support, customer enagagement through live video chat support- You can head on to ww.tringgr.com. There you can have live one- click video chat with our developement team. and a peer-to peer communiucation. It can be use as a communication tool for organization also.
prabhanshu 4/28/2014 | 4:11:16 AM
Re: Supported browsers Hi Kruz, try www.tringgr.com - A webrtc based peer to peer communication platform. Webrtc is an interesting implementaion and i think if its gets Apple and Microsoft support then whi know - its will become a standard phenemenon.
Kruz 4/23/2014 | 3:38:14 AM
Re: Supported browsers I wish it could be accessible through apps, but for now WEBRTC libraries cannot be used from within applications.

But the good thing is that is it now supported through mobile browsers and this will open up the gate to interesting implementations:

Mitch Wagner 4/21/2014 | 7:18:50 PM
Re: Supported browsers Sorry we couldn't have you on, Sarah. 

What's the value of something like this aside from as a toy? I can think of two:

- Retail businesses that now have a "chat with a representative" feature could expand that to voice and video. 

- Secure communications without a centralized server that can be taken over or eavesdropped on by a government or criminal third party.

Is that what's going on here? Are there other possible apps?
Sarah Thomas 4/21/2014 | 6:31:02 PM
Re: Supported browsers I know! I tried to join the show, but Skype failed me...hmm, if only I could've used WebRTC... :)

For the rest of you, check it out here! 


Bill Van 4/21/2014 | 6:29:07 PM
Re: Supported browsers Hey Sarah, your colleague Mitch Wagner and Mike Elgan on TWiT's "Tech News Today" is showing and talking about you article.  Check it out.....
Sarah Thomas 4/21/2014 | 9:48:38 AM
Supported browsers I'm sure you're all running to see if you can join the chat room and create your avatar, so, FYI, supported browsers include Google Chrome and Mozilla. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari aren't on board yet.
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