CBNL Boasts PMP Backhaul Lead

CAMBRIDGE -- ExelixisNet, the global technology intelligence firm, has released new data on the point-to-multipoint (PMP) wireless backhaul equipment market which confirms Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) has consolidated its leading position with an average 50% market share in 2012. The new data, released as part of ExelixisNet’s ‘PMP Wireless Backhaul Market for LTE and Small Cells’ report, also highlights the PMP backhaul equipment market is set for rapid growth with a significant 5-fold increase over the next four years. The growth, driven by mobile operators need for high capacity and efficient backhaul technologies for next generation mobile networks, will take the market to an estimated $500 million by 2017 according to the report. “The relentless demand for backhaul capacity is making mobile operators consider every possible option for high capacity, efficient and sustainable backhaul solutions. PMP matches well against these demands and it offers a viable and cost effective alternative to traditional wireless backhaul technologies,” commented Elias Aravantinos, author of the report and ExelixisNet Leading Analyst. Cambridge Broadband Networks Ltd.
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