Toyota Driving for 5G in Cars by 2020

NEW YORK CITY -- Brooklyn 5G Summit 2016 -- Toyota is hoping to deploy 5G mobile technology in its cars as soon as 2020, a researcher at the company told Light Reading here Wednesday.

The Brooklyn 5G Summit gets started properly Thursday but the event showed off exhibits and had a meet and greet on Wednesday. One thing was clear from the get-go: 5G has people in the communications industry, and in the wider world, looking beyond the smartphone.

There's going to be plenty of talk during the next few days about how 5G can expand the mobile universe from cars, to robots, to health applications and further afield.

Gaurav Bansal, senior researcher at Toyota's InfoTechnology USA R&D center in Mountain View, Calif., is ready for 5G. He is hoping there will be enough 5G network infrastructure deployed in 2020 to allow the car maker to roll out its initial 5G-ready cars.

5G will move beyond the smartphone and tablet to bring mobile technology to many more arenas, Bansal suggests. "Maybe in the next ten years will see the development of the smart car," Bansal said.

Toyota's initial 5G application will be sending data to central IT systems via a sensor network.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

John98 4/23/2016 | 11:45:52 AM
Nice This is great idea. I am really curious how it works. Thanks for article.
KBode 4/23/2016 | 10:34:07 AM
Re: Integration... I'd love to see that, though given the few instances that users see an actual discount for services (especially in telecom) if they agree to have their data shared, I wouldn't be optimistic that users ever actually see that. 

Hell, AT&T makes you pay MORE if you want to opt out of U-verse snoopvertising services. 


Though yes, if prems went down if you agree to be somewhat tracked, that certainly changes the dynamic.
DanJones 4/22/2016 | 4:58:22 PM
Re: Integration... Definitely a concern!
DanJones 4/22/2016 | 4:56:55 PM
Re: Integration... Sensor data first, so pure M2M initially.
jbtombes 4/22/2016 | 3:17:51 PM
Re: Integration... What about consumer opt-in for a reduction in premiums, a la Progressive Snapshot? Is that a concern?
KBode 4/22/2016 | 8:18:55 AM
Re: Integration... I'm thinking for driver nav, infotainment, etc. Having a core chipset to connect to the automakrer has potential, but there too I'd worry that info is simply going to be used by insurance companies to track driver behavior without the driver having much say about it. Tricky territory we're entering here.
jbtombes 4/21/2016 | 7:06:02 PM
Re: Integration... Are we talking human to human communication, or automotive engine component to big-data cloud analytics engine communication here? I think Dan said something about "...beyond the smartphone."
KBode 4/21/2016 | 10:01:46 AM
Integration... As a Mazda3 owner I still have to say I prefer systems that use existing smartphones as a tethered data access point than systems that integrate a cellular chipset. Seems like a much more flexible, elegant solution to rely on smartphones (which get updated by many every two years or more) than an embedded chipset that won't keep pace with cellular evolution. 
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