Nokia CTO: 2017 Is the Year 5G Gets in the Field

Nokia's North American CTO says that 2017 is the year that 5G will move out of its proof-of-concept phase with carriers on the cutting edge rolling out "iconic projects" this year.

Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK)'s North American CTO, Michael Murphy, talking to me this week, said that 2016 had been a "prototype" year for 5G.

"2017 is the year we move out of that and move into early products, and into the field," Murphy said.

These early products will be used in what Murphy calls "iconic projects" for 5G. So what exactly is an iconic project?

To Murphy, these are trials with actual users onboard and more than just the bare minimum of infrastructure installed. "There's a crystal clear delivery date and an intent to deliver more than one or two units," the CTO says.

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Murphy didn't want to get deep into specifics, but it was obvious to me that the Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) fixed wireless user trials and Korea Telecom's anticipated 5G deployment at the Winter Olympics in 2018 were on his mind.

The Verizon and KT deployments will use very similar 5G specifications, Murphy notes, the main difference being that Verizon is taking the fixed wireless route, while KT is going mobile.

This will likely mean 5G home routers for the Verizon project, and maybe tablets in South Korea. "5G will have some pretty heavy processing demands, which lends itself to a larger form factor," Murphy said, while stressing that he didn't know Samsung's plans for devices.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 1/19/2017 | 4:11:02 PM
Re: Bands So many channels, you'll be sick of all the channels, I'm telling you.
mendyk 1/19/2017 | 4:03:09 PM
Re: Bands America will have the best spectrum. Really, really great spectrum. Unbelievable spectrum.
Gabriel Brown 1/19/2017 | 12:23:22 PM
Re: Bands Same with the UK. Even though it is leaving the EU, it will have compatible band plans, UK operators will have to use the same equipment, and consumers the same devices.
DanJones 1/19/2017 | 11:58:20 AM
Re: Bands Post-Trump?


Who knows? Right now....


The 5G spectrum auctions have to happen first whatever, that's the main thing to watch in the US.

No French 5G doesn't mean no China tariffs.
TV Monitor 1/19/2017 | 11:49:46 AM
Re: Bands DanJones

"There's NO WAY china ban is being lifted in US with Trump admin."

Yea, but what about after Trump, which could be as early as in 2021?

"If Le Penn shocks and gets in in France then you might see a much more protectionist attitude coming to Europe too."

There is no such thing as French 5G. France has to choose, and will pick whatever the rest of EU is using regardless of France's EU membership.

The market consolidation is around three 5G standards.

- Samsung 28 Ghz 5G

- Chinese 3.5 Ghz 5G

- 3GPP 3.5 Ghz 5G

Chinese should be able to do 3GPP 5G easily, while European vendors will have a hard time cracking Chinese market because of the proprieatary nature of Chinese 5G and the market protectionism.
DanJones 1/19/2017 | 11:30:35 AM
Re: Bands There's NO WAY china ban is being lifted in US with Trump admin.

If Le Penn shocks and gets in in France then you might see a much more protectionist attitude coming to Europe too. 
TV Monitor 1/19/2017 | 11:26:47 AM
Re: Bands DanJones

That means the US market will be protected from Chinese equipment with or without the ban since Chinese aren't competing in the 28 Ghz market sector since China has no plans for mmwave 5G at all.

EU market on the other hand will be under a full scale assalt from Chinese vendors, especially since the 3.5 Ghz 3GPP 5G is merely a souped up LTE with marginal improvements. That would spell the death of Ericsson and Nokia in the next decade.
DanJones 1/19/2017 | 8:51:02 AM
Bands Murphy reiterated 28GHz in US and S.Korea. 3.5GHz in China and Europe.
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