MWCA Day 1 Recap: 5G Is Here…?

Phil Harvey, Gabriel Brown and Mitch Wagner bring you the truth about 5G from downtown LA.

Phil Harvey 9/14/2018 | 9:24:26 AM
Re: 5G runs on black coffee It is definitely tough to match Mitch's enthusiasm. When he talks in real life the lights in the room dim and flicker just a bit.
Kelsey Ziser 9/13/2018 | 1:45:19 PM
5G runs on black coffee Thanks for asking the questions we all really want answers to, Phil, like what did Gabe Brown have for breakfast? In all seriousness, great questions mixed in with witty banter, nice work, fellas :) Pro Tip...skip to about minute 4 to see Mitch's excitement level go to 11.
Duh! 9/13/2018 | 11:43:42 AM
* Pre-standard It's surprising that GSMA never trademarked "5G", so as to keep pretenders at bay.
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