TeliaSonera Blazes LTE Trail of Tiers

Summer is well and truly over in Northern Europe and so are the Long Term Evolution (LTE) deals that Swedish consumers and businesses could get from Telia Company now that the operator has introduced a new set of tiered mobile data plans.

During the summer, TeliaSonera was offering discounted monthly tariffs for the first six months to customers who signed up for its 4G-branded LTE service. Rather than paying the full-whack 599 Swedish kronor (US$ 88) per month, 4G customers would pay an introductory price of 359 Swedish kronor ($52) per month, and maybe even get a free HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) laptop if they were among the first 100 customers to take up the service.

Now, however, TeliaSonera has a new set of 4G tariffs that are differentiated by network downlink speeds and monthly data allowances.

So how much 4G will your kronors get you? Here are the new Swedish LTE deals:

  • Telia Mobile Broadband Mellan (medium): 199 Swedish kronor ($30) per month for 10GB data cap, 3G, and WiFi; and for an extra 100 Swedish kronor ($14) per month, 4G can be added to the package with network speeds of between 5Mbit/s and 10Mbit/s.

  • Telia Mobile Broadband Stor (large): 269 Swedish kronor ($40) per month for 20GB data cap, 3G, and WiFi; and for an extra 100 Swedish kronor ($14) per month, 4G can be added with network speeds between 10Mbit/s and 20Mbit/s.

  • Telia Mobile Broadband Total 4G: 599 Swedish kronor ($88) for 4G network speeds between 10Mbit/s and 80Mbit/s, a 30GB data cap, as well as 3G and WiFi access.

The Swedish operator also has new tiered price plans for business customers: the Företag (business) 4G plan costs 349 Swedish kronor ($51) per month for LTE network speeds between 10Mbit/s and 20Mbit/s and a data cap of 30GBytes. The Företag 4G+ offer costs 499 Swedish kronor ($73) per month for speeds between 10Mbit/s and 80Mbit/s and a data cap of 30GB.

The only 4G discount TeliaSonera still offers is for fixed broadband customers, who could get 50 Swedish kronors ($7) off the 4G service price.

TeliaSonera is a fan of mobile data caps and "pay for what you use" rather than all-you-can-eat, flat-rate mobile broadband pricing models. And the operator has just applied that pricing model to its LTE service. (See TeliaSonera Develops New Mobile Data Model, TeliaSonera Tips Hat to Mobile Data Caps, and TeliaSonera Prices First LTE Offer.)

LTE services are commercially available in five Swedish cities now: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Lund, and Visby. By the end of this year, the operator plans to cover more than 28 cities and villages. And by the end of 2011, the aim is to have LTE services available in 228 cities. (See TeliaSonera Takes LTE to Gothenburg, TeliaSonera on LTE: Just Do It!, MWC 2010: TeliaSonera's LTE Progress, and TeliaSonera First to Go Live With LTE.)

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading Mobile

Georgess 12/5/2012 | 4:22:21 PM
re: TeliaSonera Blazes LTE Trail of Tiers

consumers who want high bandwidth usually also consumes alot of data.

30 GB would not even be enough to dowload 1 .mkv TV show per day.

so its not an alternative for xDSL/FTTx from start.

not until, i would guess 10 years from now.

but the new fat upload capabilites combined with new smartphones and small 720p cameras should open up for new HD live streaming services for anyone in range of the signal on the street.

i know that sounds dirty, but could also be positve


a local swedish firedepartment in gothenburg lets the first team arriving at an accident film and take pictures live over 3G to the head quarters seniors for them to help them assess instead of having to describe everything by words on the radio meanwhile trying to help

an HD filmstream would in that case be perfect

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