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How Plume's WorkPass can bring smart connectivity to SMBs

On this sponsored edition of the Light Reading podcast, we chat with Tyson Marian, Plume's chief commercial officer, about the company's new product, WorkPass. We'll cover what WorkPass is and why Plume is building services for small businesses. As part of that discussion, we'll discuss how Plume uses its experience in managing smart homes – especially its cloud and AI expertise – to help small businesses deal with their most challenging network issues.

As ever, with Plume, it's not just about the end user. The company's biggest customers are some of the world's largest service providers, so we'll discuss how those CSPs will use WorkPass to complement their existing offers and how it works with their current connectivity products and existing back-end systems.

Marian conducts the entire podcast interview from a local small business he frequents to take a break from the WFH life. He offers some firsthand knowledge on how having smart connectivity options can make a difference as small businesses recover from their pandemic setbacks.

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This podcast was sponsored by Plume.

Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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