ITVN Plans IPTV Music Video Network

Interactive Television Networks Inc. (ITVN) has some big plans to deliver its own IPTV programming to the home, starting this spring. ITVN, which makes a new "low-cost, compact" IPTV set-top box for the TV set, intends to start an IPTV music video network in May. Known as Pulse, the new programming network will offer unlimited on-demand access to a commercial-free library of more than 30,000 music videos for $4.95 a month. New videos will be added each week. The company says that the videos will be sorted into dozens of 24-hour channels, classified by songs and genre. Subscribers will be able to create playlists of their favorite videos and watch them either in order or at random. ITVN plans to create other "niche-market" IPTV channels as well, including movie and news networks. Can sports be far behind?
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