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2:00 PM -- Hey there.

Here at the luxurious Unstrung cubicle [ed. note: never mind the quality, feel the formica!], we've been making a list and checking it twice, but it would still be good to get your views on who has been naughty and who's been nice in 2007.

That's right, it is time for Unstrung's year-end Top Ten Startups list, and we'd like your suggestions on which companies should be on it. We already have a list in mind but thought it would be good to get reader feedback on which companies should stay, go, or be added to the list.

To be considered, the firms have to be young, three years old or less -- no double-digit startups please. And they have to have a fat VC roll, or innovative technology, or a proven revenue stream. Preferably some combination of all three.

We're casting our net wide this year in terms of the types of business considered. It could be anything from a hot new mobile video startup to an innovative carrier play; a new device vendor or a wireless payments company. Make your case and we'll consider it.

Please pitch your candidates on the message board below -- so that your fellow readers can cheer or jeer your choice -- or, if you're really a shrinking violet, you may write to me at [email protected].

Please get your entries in as soon as possible. We'll post the list as the bells toll for the Year of the Dragon.


— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

stjohndeakins 12/5/2012 | 2:57:15 PM
re: Help Compile the Top 10 Startups List Hi, I think we should be in the top ten. We launched our Mercury Multimedia Platform in November 2006 with every mobile multimedia connector required by operators, a suite of multimedia content compilation and distribution tools, real-time analytics (viral tracking), huge performance and a commercially disruptive enterprise license (unlimited throughput) pricing model. This lets Operators partners launch new services rapidly and iteratively so that they can compete on more level terms with Web 2.0 Guys. One of our installations includes the worlds largest MMSC (1,000 MMS/Sec) with SMART in the Philippines (swapping out Nokia), we are installed (or installing) in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe and last month we won the Mobile Innovation award for Carrier Infrastructure from the GSM Association. Am very happy to provide more info. StJohn (www.3ple-media.com)
dc2light 12/5/2012 | 2:57:13 PM
re: Help Compile the Top 10 Startups List LastMile Communications Ltd is a UK-based privately-held company formed to address the high cost per bit of data delivered across all mobile broadband networks. Caching paid content within WiFi transceivers spread across populated areas mitigates the high cost of infrastructure deployment. This facilitates highly specific and relevant local content discovery and search at the moment of need or purchasing decision. This paid advertising content alleviates the roll out costs of mobile infrastructure, lowering the price of content delivery. Cached memory as the solution for sustainable Municipal WiFi for immediately discovering local content you didnGÇÖt know you wanted until the moment of need or decision. This is distinct from pre-emptive downloads of content for known later consumption, like an iPod.

All of the information stored in the cache memory of the WiFi caching GÇ£NodesGÇ¥ will be networked into a global/local content discovery interface LastMile calls GÇ£cityspotGÇ¥.

Once users register on GÇ£cityspotGÇ¥ they can access local information in the nearest caching Node or via the internet access information in any other cityspot Node in the world. city spot creates a micro-internet around individual users while giving the benefits of the world wide web whenever needed.

Initially, LastMile will take revenue through sales of WiFi caching nodes sited in populated areas supporting Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising TV screen billboard displays, LastMile will follow on with sales on WiFi caching nodes without OOH advertsing billboards in populated areas for local content discovery. Larger recurring revenues will come from incremental revenue from OOH adverts, "discovery" content lodged in caching nodes and premium transactions (like downloads and e-commerce purchases) conducted across Nodes. LastMile intends to build cityspot into the global brand for on demand local content discovery source and generate recurring revenue from a management.

LastMile also have a high capacity, 60 GHz wireless transceiver backhaul solution designed to transfer data faster than the internal processing capabilities of existing computers, enabling information to be delivered at the speed of need. This is specifically designed to cost less than digging up all the streets for fibre-optic cables to every consumer (Fibre To The Home - FTTH).

The 60 GHz transceivers will support all last mile infrastructure with fast, secure, reliable and cost effective backhaul. Initially, the transceivers will support LastMileGÇÖs Muni-WiFi caching nodes. Later applications can support femtocell access into homes for WiFi and urban backhaul for fixed wire broadband.

LastMile is at the moment of commercial breakout.
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