NEC Puts OpenFlow on the Market

Having gone commercial with a hybrid OpenFlow switch, NEC gives us some thoughts on what competition will be like

Pete Baldwin 12/5/2012 | 4:49:29 PM
re: NEC Puts OpenFlow on the Market

No, I don't think anyone's marketed a pure OpenFlow switch yet.  Joseph Tardo of Broadcom put it well, during his talk at this panel session -- he basically said a pure OpenFlow switch would be a great way to go out of business fast.  :)

And the reason is basically what you stated -- OpenFlow is being considered as a keen feature for corners of the network, not something you'd devote a whole network to. Now, as OpenFlow islands grow larger, that might change.

sleinen 12/5/2012 | 4:49:29 PM
re: NEC Puts OpenFlow on the Market

"Hybrid" OpenFlow switches will be prevalent for a while, because vendors already have, and customers still expect, support for at least some of the standard L2/L3 protocols out of the box.  For now, most customers see OpenFlow as an additional feature that can make a switch platform more future-proof.  Or has anyone announced a switching (as opposed to control-plane only) product that does *only* OpenFlow?

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