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Maltese TV, Anyone?

3:30 PM -- A little while back in a column on IP video, I referred to a Dutch videophile who was watching news programs from his homeland over a laptop and a WiFi link in New York (see Video Is the Internet).

That was Leo Nederlof of Corning, who later wrote back with about as much information on free Dutch Internet television as you would ever want. (By the way, Leo also says Corning stock has been "upgraded to investment grade.")

Nederlof sent along the link, in case anybody has a penchant for Dutch television: www.uitzendinggemist.nl

Leo points out that the broadband content typically runs at 500 kbit/s, which provides decent quality.

This got me thinking -- what other kind of free TV is out there?

Well, if you are feeling sleepy, you can tune into live coverage of the Minnesota House and Senate here

Recently I discovered you can watch Bloomberg TV on your laptop: www.bloomberg.com. And I also found this link, Beeline TV, which provides a list of free, international television available on the Internet. Handy, let's say, if you want to tune into the last Rambler TV programming from Russia or feel like you need an update from NRK News in Norway. Or perhaps you want to watch Super1 TV Malta or Louisiana Jukebox.

Google has a beta video search site, but at the moment it doesn't appear to offer much.

If you know of some interesting, free television (PG rated) programming on the Internet, send it my way and I'll post the interesting links.

Someday I think this TV thing is really going to take off...

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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