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Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP

Bresnan Communications has chosen Metaswitch Networks 's softswitch, media gateway, and application server products to aid in the MSO's rollout of business telephony services.

The two companies said that Bresnan, a mid-sized cable operator, is already deploying MetaSwitch's equipment in preparation for the rollout. The MSO, which serves roughly 300,000 cable subscribers in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Coloado, plans to launch commercial phone service widely throughout its four-state area sometime early next year.

MetaSwitch and Bresnan also said the vendor's technology will enable the cable operator to deliver a wide range of services to small-and-mid-sized firms, including Centrex, digital PBX trunks, and traditional phone services. That represents a shift for MetaSwitch, which had been focusing on residential phone applications in competition with such larger players as Nortel Networks Ltd. and Siemens AG (NYSE: SI; Frankfurt: SIE).

"The reason we're focusing now on business services is because that's where the next business opportunity is for a lot of MSOs," says Andy Randall, VP of marketing for MetaSwitch, which is teaming up with Cisco to sell its products. "That's where we can differentiate."

MetaSwitch isn't alone, though. Other VOIP gear suppliers are also expanding their focus to the commercial market as such large MSOs as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, and Charter Communications are either introducing or gearing up to launch business-class voice services.

At the recent Business Services Symposium in Chicago sponsored by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, for instance, a dozen equipment suppliers filled the small exhibit hall with products. In their displays, many of the vendors focused on commercial phone services.

"There's really an untapped need out there," Randall says. "There is a gap in the market."

— Alan Breznick, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

stawdema 12/5/2012 | 3:36:13 AM
re: Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP There's is news today from Siemens and MetaSwitch about MSO deployments. How are Cedar Point and Cisco faring ? I was under the impression the two had sewn up the North American MSO biz between themselves. Anyone know how they are faring ?
DPD 12/5/2012 | 3:36:12 AM
re: Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP Bresnan is a small player in small markets who had used Net2Phone in the past to manage their VOIP networks. This deal was probably won on cost. Translation: MetaSwitch probably gave it away in order to enter the cable market.

The Siemens/TW announcement is interesting because TW was considered a "Cisco Only" shop. That's the real story.
stawdema 12/5/2012 | 3:36:11 AM
re: Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP Thanks. Going by news releases, looks like Bresnan uses Cedar Point as well (www.cedarpointcom.com/pdf/Bres...
DPD 12/5/2012 | 3:36:10 AM
re: Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP looks like Bresnan uses Cedar Point as well

They used Cedar Point via Net2Phone (per that release).

Looks like Bresnan is now going solo. The motivating factor was probably margins. Why share it with Net2Phone? MetaSwitch was probably the cheapest solution for such a small market. Nothing more, nothing less IMO.
Michael Harris 12/5/2012 | 3:36:07 AM
re: Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP The "big four" in the PacketCable CMS (softswitch) space are Cisco, Cedar Point, Siemens, and Nortel.

Key Cisco customers include Time Warner and Comcast. Major Cedar Point customers include Comcast and Charter. Siemens has scored with Cablevision, Shaw and Time Warner. Nortel customers include Rogers, Charter, Cox and UPC.
Michael Harris 12/5/2012 | 3:35:48 AM
re: Bresnan Picks MetaSwitch VOIP
As Cable Digital News Editor Alan Breznick reports at http://www.lightreading.com/do... VoIP growth may be slowing at Time Warner Cable, but the MSO is still taking a bite out of Verizon.

Time Warner President and COO Jeff Bewkes shared that:

"We have got several systems already over 20 percent [VOIP penetration] -- Albany, Syracuse, Binghamton, all heading toward 25 percent."

That's right in the heart of Verizon's Empire State territory.
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