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Slideshow'Spectre' & 'Meltdown' – What Cloud Users Need to Know

kq4ym 1/14/2018 | 5:49:23 PM
Re: helpful What a surprising fact to realize billions of places for vulnerabilities to possibly turn up. And interesting how the big guys started work quickly to attempt some fixes, although it's still a wonder that it's been a lurking problem for so long.
mhhfive 1/10/2018 | 2:38:29 AM
Re: helpful Besides Safari, Chrome, Edge & IE11 -- what about other lesser used browsers? Did this flaw just completely kill off the market for non-mainstream browsers? Opera? How about Amazon's Fire OS browser, Silk? (Presumably, Amazon will eventually incorporate Chrome's fixes in its own way since it uses Chromium.)
mhhfive 1/10/2018 | 2:25:07 AM
no one is safe? > "The good news is that cloud users don't have any special vulnerabilities.."

Hmm. I thought I heard that cloud users might be especially vulnerable because the cloud could expose data across shared computational resources -- and the cloud is, for sure, a shared resource. So a bad guy might just need to have legit access to some part of the cloud -- and gain access to everyone else's data on the shared servers. That's a bit more vulnerable than a network of PCs that are shared within an internal department of a company? 
Michelle 1/8/2018 | 7:00:16 PM
Re: helpful It's a good move. I'm glad to see browser-based protections. It seems like an obvious step.
Ariella 1/8/2018 | 4:34:43 PM
helpful Wll that's really helpful. I didn't know about the possibliity of isolation on Chrome. 
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