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9 Most Overhyped or Under-Appreciated Cloud Technologies

Cloud technology gets burned by two kinds of hype: too much, and not enough.

On the one hand, you have exaggerated claims made for some cloud technologies. If you believe the evangelists, they'll drive your costs down to zero, revenues up to infinity, whiten your teeth, reverse baldness, and make the dog stop smelling so bad.

On the other hand, some technologies don't get enough love. These are workhorses that can deliver real cost and revenue benefits, but they're not getting talked about a lot.

For our latest special report, Enterprise Cloud News surveyed the field, talked with enterprise practitioners and industry experts, and identified nine technologies that are either overhyped or under-appreciated. The technologies include hybrid cloud, security threats, containers, and more. But which falls in which category? Read the report to find out:

OVERRATED/UNDERRATED: 9 Cloud Technologies That are Under-Appreciated or Overhyped

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kq4ym 7/16/2017 | 12:13:40 PM
Re: Underrated It would be interesting to follow underhyped and overhyped products and service over a few years and see if there's any correlaton in success or profit to one side or the other. It would be curious if the underhyped actually over performed over a few years.
danielcawrey 7/11/2017 | 4:00:55 PM
Underrated I think functional elements underneath some of these larger technologies are certainly underrated. 

These would include hybrid cloud and containers. Most developers are on board with those two. 
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