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SlideshowHow United Airlines Uses Data to Take Pain out of Flight Delays

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Gloseloth 2/12/2020 | 12:36:45 AM
How United Airlines Uses Data to Take Pain out of Flight Delays United Airlines provides the best Flight Booking options for the traveling where people can travel around the world.I have checked lot of options for the flight booking from the  site where anyone can get the good customer support during the traveling in flight.
Michelle 11/7/2017 | 1:47:45 PM
Re: Data in action That's a fair assumption. I suspect flying personal craft will be an infrastructure nightmare. We may not see them for a very very long time if government continues at its current speed. Good news, I guess.
kq4ym 11/6/2017 | 9:52:03 AM
Re: Data in action While those "flying" cars pop up in the news fairly regularly and going back decades as desighners dream on quicker transportation, it still seems that it will be sometime if ever that most folks will be able to hop into their personal craft. But I could see after most cars become autonomous, there may be a more rapid development of flying vehicles operating themselves like the cars.
Ariella 11/1/2017 | 1:26:35 PM
Re: More Helpful Data @PhilbRitt I just saw an article today about all the possibilities IoT opens up for airports (not just airlines) here http://deloitte.wsj.com/cio/2017/11/01/now-boarding-iot-for-airlines/

At airports, there is no shortage of "things" that can be linked through an IoT framework. And more than 95 percent of surveyed passengers in the U.S. are carrying at least one mobile device, which gives airlines countless opportunities to interact with customers via beacons and other sensors. From proximity-based offers to simplified security procedures, IoT technologies could help airlines to better engage, empower, hear, delight, and know customers—the five pillars of a customer experience (CX) framework that can help build emotional connections.

For example, IoT sensors can benefit passengers by helping to locate lost luggage or triggering more accurate push notifications about flight status. Sensors could also reduce maintenance delays; for example, an IoT sensor could detect an aircraft part that requires maintenance while the plane is still in flight and notify the arrival airport. Rather than being taken out of service when it lands, the aircraft could be repaired quickly at the gate and leave for its next destination on schedule.


It goes on to list some specific benefits and what would be entailed.
Michelle 10/31/2017 | 11:15:52 PM
Re: Data in action That is really impressive! It's always great to hear a GOOD travel story. Not common these days. 
[email protected] 10/31/2017 | 11:05:56 PM
Re: Data in action Thank you, Michelle, I will gladly wait! Unless travelers have the means to fly private airline travel is still very arduous and time-consuming. I am hoping that the future sees great improvement for travelers, not a backward path as we have seen. I did see one improvement on a recent trip that excited me I used the passport scanner abroad it was super cool and saved lots of time on my return journey. I departed my aircraft just like a domestic flight after clearing customs and immigration abroad largely electronically.
Michelle 10/31/2017 | 4:16:19 PM
Re: Data in action Certainly! You're on the waiting list...


Now we just


[email protected] 10/31/2017 | 10:11:43 AM
Re: Data in action kq4ym it may very well be the masses paying for the perks for premium customers I recently read that United's new economy class will not allow passengers to use the overhead bins that will require a higher prices ticket. Eventually, the airline industry will get competitive again and passengers won't be subject to some of these ridiculous restrictions.
[email protected] 10/31/2017 | 10:05:11 AM
Re: Data in action Michelle now that would be awesome--no long security delays and flexible flight times! Sign me up and can Rosie come with me?
kq4ym 10/30/2017 | 5:11:11 PM
Re: Data in action While it seem refreshing to see that there seems to be an effort at better customer service, and perks depending on the "importance" of the customer, one wonders if in the end the public is paying for all that attention when one would think it should come as a matter of fact and a cost of business.
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