Verizon Cuts 3,200 Jobs, Angers NY Govt, CWA

Verizon is closing call centers across five states in the US, resulting in the the loss of up to 3,200 jobs.

A Verizon spokeswoman confirmed the plans to Light Reading Thursday afternoon. "Nationwide, about 3,200 employees will be encouraged to seek other positions within the company, relocate with company assistance to similar positions among one of our other Customer Service call centers, or accept a severance package," the spokeswoman said in an email.

"This was a very difficult but necessary business decision," she noted. "The key driver behind this decision is to realign our real estate portfolio and Customer Service operations to make the best use of extra capacity in the remaining locations."

The call centers closures will come in California, Connecticut, Maine, Nebraska and New York.

The news angered both the New York State government and the Communications Workers of America (CWA) union as it broke Thursday afternoon. "Today, with 20 minutes notice on one of the highest holy days for those of the Jewish faith, Verizon Wireless notified the Governor's office that it would be closing two call centers in New York as part of a nationwide consolidation plan," NY Governor Andrew Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi said in a statement posted by the CWA.

Azzopardi described Verizon's decision as "astounding" and "reckless."

The cuts come as Verizon moves to position itself as a digital media player, largely through acquisition. The operator announced its intent to buy Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq: YHOO) for $4.8 billion in July, although that acquisition may be in danger following recent news of a major computer hacking attack that occurred at Yahoo in 2014. (See Verizon Sports Big Plans for Yahoo and Verizon Wants $1B Off Yahoo Bill – Report.)

Nearly 40,000 Verizon wireline workers went on strike in April this year. At the time, the CWA cited concerns about Verizon outsourcing and offshoring more jobs. The strike lasted through the end of May. (See Verizon Workers Go on Strike and Verizon Drops Wireline Clues as Strike Ends.)

The call center closures, however, appear to affect largely non-union Verizon Wireless workers.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 10/22/2016 | 12:37:34 PM
Re: Union/non-union It does seem ironic that Verizon would cut thousands of jobs while pursing Yahoo. Maybe they figure Yahoo is going to be such an expensive addition with not enough profits that they've got to cut personnel to make up for it?
DanJones 10/14/2016 | 4:53:35 PM
Re: Union/non-union Hahahahahaha!
karpodiem 10/14/2016 | 3:51:20 PM
Re: Union/non-union one of the best comments I've read in 2016.
mendyk 10/14/2016 | 9:28:23 AM
Re: Union/non-union Verizon is acting like a successful surgeon who deep down inside really wants to be a Premier League striker -- and starts acting on that misbegotten fantasy.
steve q 10/13/2016 | 11:20:21 PM
Re: Union/non-union I do not see any way Verizon can use yahoo or   aol  to move   forward when most of the customer out there are looking for the fastest data pipe. So Verizon love to have their customer dealing with people that cannot speak English or understand their issue, those call center in the USA have people that will get the job down the first time and give a better bottom line to Verizon. And Verizon has no one that understand what the media service to our customer will be they have the best in FiOS and they cannot pull that off, and know they are trying G90 over the customer cellphone with no lucky.
DanJones 10/13/2016 | 4:18:54 PM
Union/non-union You have to wonder if that strike saved those wireline workers jobs?
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