ECOC Suckers

4:40 PM -- There's a reason why Light Reading doesn't run an event about Internet Protocol Infomation Systems & Software. It's the same reason we cancelled our much anticipated conference on SNA Telecom Chips and Hardware.

So how come the the organizers of ECOC have still not gotten the message?

Like ripping a giant fart in the middle of a business meeting, giving your optical networking event a name that sounds like the slang for a John Thomas is just not done. And yet... They've been doing it for 32 years.

This year's ECOCK event takes place in the Cannes and promises an agenda literally throbbing with deadly dull data on optical networking bits and bobs.

But, alas, we might go again this year, even though we know it'll be a flaccid event. Perhaps we should cover the show? We could produce a Daily Optical Networking Guide, right?

— Red Pandamonium, Light Reading

Lite Rock 12/5/2012 | 4:01:05 AM
re: ECOC Suckers If only ECOC had Fembots with smoke coming out of their jumblies...

For 32 years the Europeans have been wagging their ECOC in the face of America. In a very base way I cannot disagree with making fun of the name ECOC.

To accurately capture the significance of the event (ECOC) and properly satirize it you must understand that ECOC is first a technical conference that happens to have booths and exhibits compared to Any of the US Conferences that seem to be all booth.

So to properly cover ECOC LightReading would need to publish a Daily Optical Research Communica+¬. As a secondary publication for the ECOC conference you could publish the Network Engineering Research Daily.

On a personal note: For me the best and worst ECOC show was in Amsterdam less than a month after 9/11. Getting on the plane there and back was bad enough. Hoping that the US would hold off bombing Afghanistan until after we got back to the US was always in our mind. The scary part was getting in the cab with our Iranian driver at 1:00am after visiting a coffee shop with my boss. We both had visions of being kidnapped and held captive.

And I thought being paranoid of my parents in High School was a bad experience.

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