Digital Divide

The Divide: Connected Nation's Heather Gate on maps, grants and the 'future-proof' fallacy

On this episode, we're joined by Heather Gate, vice president of digital inclusion at Connected Nation, a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 that works with communities across the US to increase broadband access and adoption.

We discuss the organization's work, including its broadband mapping projects and how states are using them. We also discuss the infrastructure law and how Connected Nation is helping states get and deploy the funding they need.

Here are just a few topics discussed in this episode:

  • Background on Connected Nation and its digital divide work (01:05)
  • Connected Nation's broadband maps (04:27)
  • How the infrastructure law tackles digital equity (11:10)
  • How Connected Nation works with states to get and deploy funding (18:17)
  • Why Gate dislikes the phrase "future proof" (22:00)

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— Nicole Ferraro, senior editor, global broadband coverage, Light Reading. Host of "The Divide" on the Light Reading Podcast.

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