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CityNet Runs Through Viennese Sewers

SILVER SPRING, Md. -- CityNet Telecommunications Inc., the leader in last-mile broadband infrastructure, today announced that it has signed a landmark license and access agreement with the City of Vienna, Austria, permitting the company to use Vienna’s sewer system to build last-mile fiber optic networks. Vienna becomes CityNet’s first European city and the fourth city overall to sign such an agreement. CityNet is the only broadband company offering this revolutionary approach to solving the problem of how to connect individual buildings to large fiber optic networks that typically circle around cities.

“Mayors and city government executives in cities around the world face the unusual dilemma where they know they need the best in broadband fiber optic infrastructure, but they don’t want to sacrifice their existing infrastructure - their streets and roads - in order to receive that benefit,” said Robert G. Berger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Silver Spring, Maryland-based CityNet. “We’ve found a smarter solution and an ideal pathway to deploy fiber optic networks - the sewer system. The sewer system is one of the deepest and most protected of all city infrastructures, and it connects into every building. In the truest sense, CityNet is pioneering a real solution to solving the last-mile problem, something the telecommunications world has been waiting on for decades.”

CityNet Telecommunications Inc.
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