Huawei: 'I Know What You Are, but What Am I?'

Huawei is stealing a strategy from the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure in its conflict with the US. After years of the US making baseless spying claims against Huawei, Huawei is firing back with baseless spying allegations against the US.

In a news release issued Tuesday, Huawei charges the US with a litany of abuses, including:

  • Instructing law enforcement to threaten, menace, coerce, entice, and incite both current and former Huawei employees to turn against the company and work for them
  • Unlawfully searching, detaining, and even arresting Huawei employees and Huawei partners
  • Attempting entrapment, or pretending to be Huawei employees to establish legal pretense for unfounded accusations against the company Launching cyber attacks to infiltrate Huawei's intranet and internal information system

And more.

The assertions are included at the bottom of a statement that mainly deals with Huawei countering claims that it stole smartphone-camera patents, accusations which Huawei says are false.

More nuanced coverage of Huawei's claims can be found at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

For now, we offer:

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