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Hall of Fame 2013

Five individuals have been inducted into the Light Reading Hall of Fame find out who they are.

mendyk 10/3/2013 | 8:09:29 AM
Re: Need a heavier heavy To steal a thought from Baretta, if there's no time it can't be much of a crime.
DanJones 10/2/2013 | 1:47:09 PM
Re: Need a heavier heavy A ban from trading, fined, ain't scot mist though.
brookseven 10/2/2013 | 1:09:10 PM
Re: Need a heavier heavy Might have done something is never as big as DID do something and scorched earth around it.

You know having personally sold a boatload of stuff to Winstar, most of the CLECs seem to have been more like Credit Mobilier than plucky underdogs.


DanJones 10/2/2013 | 12:56:46 PM
Re: Need a heavier heavy Wait, a network service that might have broken global GPS isn't heavy enough for you, Dennis? 
mendyk 10/2/2013 | 8:57:53 AM
Need a heavier heavy As this year's infamous inductee, Mr. Falcone isn't quite in the same league as Bernie Ebbers, a.k.a. Prisoner 43650902. Here's hoping for a new crop of world-class telecom scoundrels to emerge.
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