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Colt a Significant Win for Cyan

European network operator Colt is building its Carrier Ethernet Multi-Service Platform (MSP) network on Cyan's Z-series packet-optical transport systems and its Blue Planet software, the two companies announced today. Colt becomes Cyan's largest announced customer outside the US in a significant endorsement of its approach to automating multi-vendor networks. (See Colt Taps Cyan for SDN-Ready Ethernet Platform .)

Colt Technology Services Group Ltd wanted a way to automate, provision, and manage Ethernet transport and Carrier Ethernet services over a network that uses best-of-breed technology at each layer. Cyan Inc. is providing a means of managing that multi-service, multi-vendor network, including gear from Accedian Networks, among other vendors.

"They wanted to build more orchestration and more automation into their multi-service network," says Joe Cumello, CMO of Cyan. "We were able to give them a solution that is more modular and more automated, with reduced provisioning times using one software orchestration layer, Blue Planet." That software orchestration gives Colt a single end-to-end view of its multi-vendor, multi-service network.

Why this matters
Colt is aggressively upgrading its network for future bandwidth and service demands and, in the process, beginning a transition to software-defined networking (SDN). While this is not an SDN deployment, Colt's approach does adopt major SDN concepts, including multi-vendor orchestration from a single SDN controller. But it also solves Colt's real-world issues today of needing more rapid turn-up of bandwidth over a multi-vendor network and gives the company highly competitive service provisioning times.

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— Carol Wilson, Editor-at-Large, Light Reading

amnonw 12/25/2013 | 8:42:35 AM
Who are Cyan's main competitor in orchestration? Huawei announced their NetMatrix platform, anyone else claims to have?
shawn_mc 10/18/2013 | 2:55:54 PM
Re: Colt and Cyan - is this a Dream Team? Funny that there is this much hype over "multi-vendor orchestration from a single SDN (sic) controller" when others in the industry are much further ahead with this in terms of multiplicity of vendors supported...
Carol Wilson 10/15/2013 | 1:53:05 PM
Re: Colt and Cyan - is this a Dream Team? It is always interesting to see what some of the break-out-of-the-pack carriers do and I'd count Colt in that bunch. 

And I think this move also addresses something raised at our recent Ethernet and SDN Conference - the need of service providers to address their near-term challenges to get provisioning done faster and their networks to operate more efficiently before they get to full-blown SDN. 
C Chappell 10/15/2013 | 12:12:30 PM
Colt and Cyan - is this a Dream Team? All eyes recently have been on AT&T's Supplier Domain 2.0 initiative and Telefonica's virtual CPE trial in Brazil as examples of how quickly operators will move to SDN and NFV. But over a year ago, Heavy Reading wrote about Colt virtualizing CPE and now Colt is trumping the market again with the eye-catching selection of Cyan  - another endorsement for that company's interesting Blue Planet platform. Colt is not the only network operator whose rapid transformation is worth watching on this side of the pond - Interoute and exponential-e are also players in the hyper-competitive UK Ethernet services market with momentum-gaining enterprise cloud strategies which they are underpinning with SDN and NFV. It will be interesting to see how larger players will respond if Colt succeeds in establishing a new benchmark for the rapid delivery of network services. 
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