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Top Ten Video Sharing Websites


Ease of Use: 30 out of 30
File size/Storage limitations: 30 out of 30
Other Stuff: 35 out of 40
Total Score: 95 out of 100

Simplicity rules at Blip.tv The site is supposed to be a spot where content creators come to start shows and, maybe, make money. But the site's big buttons, its responsiveness, and the impressive distribution options available make blip.tv a place for anyone to share video easily.

"Our job is a lot easier than other video sharing sites because we don't have to attract a critical mass of users… Our service is designed to distribute our users' video across the Web," says Mike Hudack, Blip's founder.

That attitude of being an enabler as opposed to a big entertainment destination helps make the service so simple and accommodating. The site isn't a mass market phenomenon, but the technology running it has mass market appeal.

That was evident on August 1 when the company announced a deal with CNN whereby the news giant would allow anyone around the world to send in footage shot on a cell phone, camcorder, or digital camera to CNN.com via blip.tv's software. (See Blip.tv Licenses Software.)

Blip.tv scored 95 out of 100, the highest score given in this ranking. The site's privacy features aren't fully turned on yet, but they're coming. And there's no online editing to speak of yet, but the company may soon partner up to make that available. So we only knocked them down 5 points for an otherwise superior video sharing experience.

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