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DirecTV Takes DVR Over Wi-Fi

Your DVR wish is granted: DirecTV Group Inc. has released a major update to its GenieGO place-shifting app allowing satellite subscribers to stream recorded content to PCs and iOS devices over any Wi-Fi connection, inside or outside the home.

Previously, users of the GenieGO device (formerly known as Nomad) could cache DVR content on mobile devices for offline viewing. However, there was no way to access recorded shows remotely without downloading them first at home. (See DirecTV Unveils Content 'Nomad'.)

Now, DirecTV subscribers can stream DVR content on the go and even start viewing a show before it has finished recording. According to DBSTalk, the new GenieGO features are expected to make an appearance on apps for Mac and Android devices later this year.

Service providers are growing distinctly bolder with their DVR features. Dish Network Corp. has led the pack, both with its integration of Sling technology and its introduction of the automatic commercial skipping feature on the Hopper. (See Fox Attacks Dish's New Video Slinger.)

GenieGO is a step in the same direction. Unlike with online streaming of most on-demand content, the GenieGO app lets users fast forward through ads after a show has been recorded.

While cable appears to be sticking with the TV Everywhere approach, there are hints that, even in the cable environment, the reins on content are loosening. Both Time Warner Cable Inc. and Cablevision Systems Corp. now allow some streaming of linear television outside the home Wi-Fi network. (See Time Warner Takes TV on the Road.)

— Mari Silbey, Special to Light Reading Cable

Atlantis-dude 6/29/2013 | 1:59:00 AM
re: DirecTV Takes DVR Over Wi-Fi Live TV has become a niche play. It is still premature to call out that reins on content are loosening. Hopper's perceived success is deceiving. This will only push the TV networks to release their content to other distribution mechanisms (e.g. Hulu) earlier.
Mark Davies 6/28/2013 | 4:54:39 PM
re: DirecTV Takes DVR Over Wi-Fi This is significant in that the DVR backbone in the home has been MoCA for many years..... will DTV go the way of AT&T and use a wireless backbone to save time and money on installation?
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