Roku ready to roll new OS

LOS GATOS, Calif. – Roku today announced Roku® OS 9.3 will start rolling out to Roku devices in the coming weeks. The free, automatic software update focuses on helping consumers get to content quickly via Roku Voice™ enhancements, improving overall performance, new customization options and more.

Roku OS 9.3 features coming to Roku devices include:

Spanish Language Roku Voice Support (Mexico & U.S.) – Users can speak commands in Spanish to launch channels, search for titles, actors, or genres, as well as control media playback on their Roku device.

Visual Search Results (U.S.) – Roku Voice search results will now be presented in a more visual, easy to browse display with categorized rows including relevant movies, shows, short-form entertainment and more for quick discovery of entertainment. Search results are unbiased and selected content will offer a list of channels featuring that title, sorted by price.

Support for News Related Commands (U.S.) – "Show me the news" will now direct a user to a Roku Zone filled with news channels. "Play the news" will launch a live stream of ABC News within The Roku Channel. "Play the news on …," will launch the named news channel and remember that preference for future commands.

Playback from Search (U.S.) – 50+ streaming channels now support direct playback from search when using Roku Voice by directly playing the show or movie when possible, rather than displaying search results.

Roku Mobile App – The free app is expected to feature a new navigation bar at the top of the mobile screen when users are connected to a Roku device providing access to Roku Search, a new icon that displays a drop-down menu of devices designed for users to easily switch between the Roku devices they want to control with their mobile app, and a shortcut to the remote screen. The redesign includes quick access icons so users can launch useful mobile app features without the need to exit the remote screen including the ability to browse and/or launch their recently viewed channels directly from the remote screen and more.

Spanish Language Roku Voice (Mexico) – Roku Voice allows users to quickly find their favorite entertainment by searching for titles, actors, or genres, as well as control media playback on their Roku device, launch channels and more via a Roku Voice Remote or the free Roku mobile app.

Roku Voice (Canada, Ireland and the UK) – Roku Voice gives users a greater variety of supported voice commands including new ways to find entertainment such as searching by a selection of popular movie quotes, and the ability to speak more natural phrases like "Show me …" or "I want to watch …" when speaking voice commands, plus, media playback controls such as "Fast forward" or "Pause" and device control such as "Turn on closed captions." Works with Amazon Alexa and Works with Google Assistant (Canada, Mexico and the UK) - Control Roku players and Roku TVs by speaking to Alexa-enabled and/or Google Assistant devices.

Additional updates in Roku OS 9.3 include:
Customization – Home Screen wallpapers, as well as screensavers, are now accessible from a single "Theme" menu item located within Settings. Theme packs, which consist of a wallpaper and screensaver, are a new way for users in the U.S. to customize their experience for a consistent look and feel when using their Roku devices.

Performance – A reduction in device boot times, faster launch times for a select number of channels (with more supported channels coming soon), a more responsive Home Screen and faster navigation when using features such as Featured Free. ROKU AUDIO


hortron 4/1/2020 | 10:42:03 AM
simple fixes oh good, maybe they will fix the bug that won't let you use special characters in your wifi password on local 5GHz wifi networks.
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