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Cox expands 'Prosight' platform for hospitals

ATLANTA and ORLANDO – Cox Communications today announced the addition of hand hygiene monitoring capabilities to its real-time location services (RTLS) platform Cox Prosight.

According to the Center for Transforming Healthcare, 2 million patients contract healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) every year and 99,000 succumb to the infection. Cox Prosight's hand hygiene monitoring capabilities enable hospitals to observe hand hygiene events to the latest Joint Commission and Leapfrog standards and help reduce preventable healthcare-associated infections.

Each sanitizer dispenser facility-wide is equipped with a sensor that transmits real-time data into a dashboard. This enables users to monitor the overall number of hand hygiene opportunities throughout a facility and compliance by staff group, job role, individual employee, department and shift. It's designed to enable the infection prevention team in hospitals to meet stringent Leap frog requirements.

Hand hygiene is just one way Cox Prosight is improving hospital operations. Leveraging RTLS and Cox's Prosight Core Internet of Things (IoT) platform, Cox Prosight provides hospital administrators and staff with advanced asset tracking, environmental monitoring, staff safety alerts and patient/visitor experience solutions.

Cox Prosight is already at work in the field with impactful results. Cox's longtime healthcare partner Ochsner Lafayette General has been using Cox Prosight for over six months, tracking 5,400 pieces of equipment, multiple staff members to ensure efficient operations.

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