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Vodafone: What's Good for Moms Is Good for Business

Megan Doberneck, the general counsel for Vodafone Americas, discusses her company's progressive maternity policy, explains why promoting women in tech is good business and offers some some good advice for any women in the industry.

nasimson 6/29/2015 | 11:24:11 AM
Re: Vodafone's Maternity Leave policy An attractive move to retain women for careers in Vodafone. Women careers in STEM are seeing many interesting hiring and retention offers, so to speak.

I hope LightReading's Women in Telecom conference had a role to play here.
Kruz 6/25/2015 | 8:14:48 AM
Re: Vodafone's Maternity Leave policy A decision worth of applause: a win win situation for working women and a great way reducing the company's spending on retaining talents. With a 35% women workforce, Vodafone has clearly to gain from this. Here's hoping others will follow.
Sarah Thomas 6/23/2015 | 9:25:17 AM
Vodafone's Maternity Leave policy We covered Vodafone's maternity leave policy when it was announced in March. Read more about it here: http://www.lightreading.com/business-employment/women-in-tech/women-in-tech-coming-into-focus/a/d-id/714577
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