Bill Walker's Best Practices for Transformation

CenturyLink's director of network architecture shares his practical insights on a number of topics, including how to best train and retain good network/IT folks, the challenges of converting COs and wire centers to data centers, and why "fast pivot" makes more sense than "fast failure."

Carol Wilson 10/6/2017 | 12:00:39 PM
Re: Counterintuitive I have heard very similar comments from other folks - not sure if Verizon or AT&T specifically - regarding COs and conversion to data centers. Schneider Electric, for one, has a business around helping smaller telcos do this because it can be challenging.

Bill detailed these in a presentation he made last week, and they are real. There are issues around power, floor loading, heating/cooling, etc. in some of the older COs and also the wiring centers.  As he mentioned here - I think - the presence of sprinklers in a CO is problematic. It just isn't as simple as saying, 'Hey we own all this real estate, we can throw some data center stuff in there.' 

Walker isn't saying it can't be done, he's spelling out some of the complications in doing it, and questioning whether, in some cases, it isn't more cost-effective to explore the other options he mentions - rooftop installations, adjacent structures or vaults. 
Duh! 10/6/2017 | 11:48:31 AM
Counterintuitive Carol,

Far be it from me to doubt Walker's observations on converting COs to data centers... but I'd sure like to understand where the issues are. The ones he mentioned don't seem to add up. Has anybody at AT&T or Verizon made similar remarks?
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