Big 5G Event

SlideshowThe Best of BTE: Highlights From the Show

ErynLeavens 6/11/2015 | 12:30:41 PM
Re: RE There's always next year!! Austin in May 2016.
Dumimmo 6/11/2015 | 10:20:45 AM
RE Indeed, I think this piece is very large. Wish I was there.
mendyk 6/11/2015 | 9:29:46 AM
Re: Cisco Not necessarily good, but certainly abundant. And ideally condiments are heavily featured, to help with wardrobe enhancement.
ErynLeavens 6/11/2015 | 2:26:41 AM
Re: Cisco So you think they're hiding the really good food in that tiny room then. Hmm.
mendyk 6/10/2015 | 6:58:42 PM
Re: Cisco It depends on the size of the buffet table. The bigger the table, the more editors it will attract. It's a fundamental law of journalism.
ErynLeavens 6/10/2015 | 5:36:54 PM
Re: Cisco How many Light Reading editors can you fit in a secret Cisco room?
Mitch Wagner 6/10/2015 | 5:08:03 PM
Cisco That Cisco room looks like it's bigger on the inside
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