Broadwing Completes Second Ring

AUSTIN, TX - March 12, 2001 - Broadwing Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadwing, Inc. (NYSE: BRW), today announced the completion of its central ring, the second phase of the world's first all optical network. The first phase, the eastern ring, was completed March 1, and is one of three rings that comprise the all-optical core. Broadwing is on schedule to light up, almost a year ahead of its closest competitor, the world's first end-to-end, fully optical network which will enable customers with bandwidth that is infinitely scaleable, instantly available and incrementally billable.

"With the completion of its central ring, Broadwing is 80% finished in deploying the industry's first all-optical network. Other companies are only starting to deploy long haul optical networks and evaluating the cost-effective benefits of this technology," said Brian Van Steen, analyst at Ryan, Hankin and Kent. "Once Broadwing's all-optical network is completed, they will be ready for the strong demand for bandwidth that is clearly evident."

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