Omdia's Julie Kunstler: PON growth isn't slowing down anytime soon

We caught up with Julie Kunstler, chief analyst for Omdia's broadband access intelligence service and one of this week's #CableNextGen speakers, at OFC earlier this month. During our podcast, Kunstler gave us a preview of Omdia's PON forecast and some perspective from meetings with technology vendors who are making strides in energy efficiency and bandwidth increases.

And even though XGS-PON is having a banner year in North America, we discuss what's next and dig into why Omdia forecasts that, by end of 2023, next-gen PON port equipment revenue could represent as much as 45% of total PON port equipment revenue.

Here are some topics we covered:

  • PON vendors are making "great strides" in power consumption by making gear more scalable – serving thousands more customers with the same equipment space and power. (01:42)
  • XGS-PON accounted for more than half the PON shipments in North America in 2022. What comes next and how long will that momentum continue? (03:57)
  • Preview of Omdia's PON forecast – steady growth in North America will continue for some time and we'll see new growth in areas like India, where the tech sector is strong and the middle class is growing. (12:49)

This podcast was recorded in early March at OFC 2023 in San Diego. For an unedited transcript of this podcast, click the closed caption button in the video toolbar.

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