PCCW Global on the Need to Monetize the Edge

On the sidelines of Light Reading's 2020 Vision executive summit in Lisbon, PCCW Global's Shahar Steiff talks about the key challenges facing network operators as they figure out their edge computing strategies.

MindCommerce 12/26/2018 | 9:07:20 PM
Need for Carriers to Think Out of Box with Edge Computing "We need to sell to customers directly" (like cloud providers). Do you see that carriers get that model and see a way to adopt it? "We have (speaking of PCCW), developed our own platform...where customers can order on-demand".

"We as carriers need to find a way to get the inter-carrier automated as well"

This is indeed one of the key transformational things about edge computing for carriers: they will need to promote an ecosystem that is flexible and allows for parties to broker services between one another, whether it be bearer/compute services, content services, data services, etc. all to enable end-user services.

Very exciting and also scary for carriers that are not accustomed to these cloud models!!
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