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CEO Chat With SAP's Rick Costanzo

In the 25 years I've been writing about technology, SAP is one of the few companies that I've never gotten to know. But like many of the enterprise giants (and SAP is a genuinely massive company -- think $90 billion in market cap), it's making increasingly big moves in the telecom space. So now it's obviously showing up loud and clear on Light Reading’s sonar (ping! ping!), ironically at a time when LR itself is starting to undertake more coverage of enterprise space.

I sat down with Rick Costanzo, EVP and General Manager of SAP Telco Industry and HCP/Mobile Solutions, and a 20-year veteran of the telecom industry, via both Blackberry and AT&T.

And, wow, what a great interview this turned out to be!

Rick Costanzo: He wants to unlock the value of all that data.
Rick Costanzo: He wants to unlock the value of all that data.

Rick offered exceptional insights into the challenges faced by today’s Tier 1s, and his vision of how service providers can build a future proofed communications strategy that also makes money in the here and now should be essential reading for anyone in the comms supply chain.


— Stephen Saunders, Founder & CEO, Light Reading

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kmcneel 12/18/2015 | 10:39:18 AM
Re: Telco as Data Broker Ray, I agree on the tools and skills - and it's also an organizational issue. That's part of the "heavy lifting" that Rick mentions. Turning the battleship is challenging - but it needs to be done. It'll be interesting working with carriers to see how they make it happen!
[email protected] 12/18/2015 | 9:31:31 AM
Telco as Data Broker Massive role for telcos to be data broker, and provide intelligence around that... if only they had the tools and the skills and.... but they could do it!
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