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Agility Announces 10-mW Laser

Agility Communications(TM), Inc., a pioneer of next-generation optical networking components, widely announces today the results of the first packaged prototype of a truly monolithic, 10-mW widely-tunable laser that can rapidly tune to more than 90 ITU (International Telecommunications Union) channels. The results were reported at the recent OFC Conference held the week of March 19, 2001. As the industry's first widely-tunable monolithic laser to be graduated from laboratory experiments into prototypes for sampling, Agility's 10-mW laser is capable of delivering substantial power over a wide tuning range from a single semiconductor chip. The OFC conference presents the latest in rapidly evolving technology and applications of optical fiber communications. This year's OFC conference had some 38,000 attendees and exhibits from more than 800 companies.

Details of Agility's technological advancements were reported by Greg Fish, chief development engineer and co-founder of Agility, to some 500 attending experts in the field. The OFC nominating committee had invited Fish to speak about Agility's widely-tunable, SG-DBR lasers. Based on rigorous alpha testing at Agility's manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, Calif., Fish reported data and results about Agility's high-power, monolithic, 10-mW widely-tunable laser that was packaged on Agility's manufacturing line. This is the first such prototype of its kind.


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