ACT MicroDevices Changes Name

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Independent and privately-held Act MicroDevices, Inc. today announced it has selected Haleos as its new name and that it has opened a new 110,000 sq. ft. facility in Blacksburg, Virginia. The company decided to adopt the new name to clearly differentiate itself from others in the fiber optics and photonics markets and to communicate its vision of providing the first light of tomorrow's next generation optical devices.

The name Haleos (pronounced HA-leos) has its roots in Greek mythology. Eos was the Goddess of the morning, or the dawn, and was granted the power to bring light to a new day. The "Hal" prefix was added as a variant of "halo," and is defined as the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing. The company's recently introduced trademark, Tomorrow's First Light..., represents the future (Tomorrow), leadership (First), and the impact of optics (Light). The new name, Haleos, combines the promise of a new dawn and the reverence of its first light.

"The symbolism between the light of a new day and the light of next generation all optical networks defines what we're all about," said Noel Heiks, Vice President for Sales and Marketing. "In interviews with customers, employees, vendors, and with focus groups from across the industry, we found an overwhelming response to have our name reflect more of what we do rather than what we make."

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